Endorsement – Becky – 39 years old

I was left devastated after my husband left me when I was heavily pregnant with our third child. My world literally crumbled around me. I had no idea how I was going to cope and felt completely overwhelmed. I was terrified about what the future was going to hold for me and my children and how we would survive emotionally and financially. Sarah, from The Independent Mamas, helped me to find inner strength and believe in myself so could I take care of my children on my own. She has been an immense support to me by guiding me through the tough times, always being there to listen and give sage advice about whatever crisis I was dealing with, whether its personal relationships, parenting or dealing with my ex. I have grown so much as a person through Sarah’s guidance and I am proud to say that I am strong Independent Mama who is looking forward to a brighter future with my children. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to support divorced or separated mothers through their recovery journey.

Endorsement – Natalie – 44

My husband and I separated after years of growing apart and have 4 children together. I have always been a strong independent woman however, the amount of pressure to ensure that the split was amicable and the least disruptive for our children was overwhelming. I don’t normally share my concerns with others, however, all aspects of my life was suffering from my health and wellbeing to my social life and my ability to cope with the ever increasing daily demands of being a mother to 4 children. Sarah, from The Independent Mamas, has been a fantastic listener and supporter. We have met regularly to talk through my worries and discussed ways to bring organisation to my chaos. She has helped me to get time back for myself and to ensure I do things that I enjoy which has really helped my positivity for the future. I think a Divorce Recovery Coach is a fantastic idea and I have no doubt in recommending Sarah to anyone going through the trauma of separation. She continues to support me and make a positive impact on my life.