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Start your journey now by joining The Independent Mamas Facebook Group.

This is a private community of courageous women who have gone through separation or divorce and are transforming their lives to build more prosperous futures for themselves and their children. It is a safe environment for members to share their thoughts, feelings, challenges and also how they overcame them and reinvented themselves. This is a positive community aimed at supporting each other to get through one of the most challenging life events and create a life on our own terms.

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During our consultation we will chat about where you are in your recovery journey and discover how I can help you to move forwards. You will find out more about The Independent Mamas Empowerment Programme and The Independent Mamas community and whether it is right for you. If I think I can help you, then we will discuss how the empowerment package can benefit you.

The Independent Mamas Empowerment Programme

This is a 5 step growth process specifically designed to re-energise you and support you to rebuild your life after separation and divorce. The aim of the Programme is to help you find your inner strength, develop new strategies to tackle the challenges of being an Independent Mama and inspire you to reinvent your future. 

Step 1. Resilience

Build a foundation of strength that will enable you to move forward and start living your best life. Understand our human response to trauma and your own emotional response to your separation or divorce. Let go of your past relationship and learn how to cope with your rollercoaster of emotions releasing negative feelings and emotions. Manage your stress and build coping strategies for both you and your children to develop and maintain emotional resilience. Gain insights into how to talk to your children about your separation and address their worries and fears. Be empowered to adopt The Independent Mama Mindset launching your divorce recovery.

Step 2. Rediscover

Develop your new positive mindset, build your self-esteem and regain your independence. Embrace your new role as an Independent Mama. Learn how this changes your family dynamic and how to adapt to your new responsibilities day-to-day. Effectively and co-operatively transition into co-parenting. The Co-parenting empowerment guide covers the importance of maintaining a healthy and amicable relationship, how to talk positively about separation, co-parenting plans, decision making tools, addressing parenting conflicts, and how to minimise separation trauma and keep consistency for your children such as discipline and routine. Discover sources of additional support for your children.

Step 3. Reclaim

It is common after separation and divorce to feel like you have lost yourself and who you were before your relationship. Reclaim yourself, love who you are and discover who you want to be. Get comfortable in your own skin, rebuild social connections and dare to be alone and enjoy your own company. Heal through self-care making more time for yourself. Explore your dreams and work ambitions and identify any lost hobbies to develop your new life vision.  Gain confidence in forming new relationships, whether social or intimate, and enhance your existing relationships with loved ones, especially your children.  

Step 4. Rejuvenate

Feel reinvigorated and revitalised with a lifestyle shake-up. Overhaul your daily routine and implement strategies to re-energise you and improve your wellbeing.  Learn how to boost your energy levels through balancing your nutrition, mindfulness and movement. Redress your perception of body image to drive positivity for the future.  Take control of your body and mind opening you up the possibility of new relationships and the potential to find love again.  By implementing the necessary changes, you will build confidence and fill empowered to be successful in love, life and work.

Step 5. Reinvent

You will have now given yourself the best possible chance to be the architect of your new healthier and prosperous future. Design your bespoke Independent Mamas life plan setting goals for all areas of your life from love, family, social, career and finances. Part of feeling fulfilled and happy in life can come from what you contribute to the world. Learn how you leave your mark and make your own legacy. Explore how you can make a difference and challenge yourself. You will be supported in achieving these goals and can access long term accountability from The Independent Mamas.

The Independent Mamas Empowerment Programme Package

The Independent Mamas Empowerment Programme is a 12 week coaching experience.

What you can expect:

– Discovery session which is 1 to 1 session to explore your current situation, gain a better understanding of how I can help you and establish what you would like to achieve from your coaching programme.

– E-learning package to guide you through the 5 step growth process and launch your recovery journey

– Access to the exclusive The Independent Mamas Empowerment Facebook community which is a secret group and only for those mothers committed to transforming their lives and continuing to build better lives for themselves and their children. 

– Access to weekly coaching calls where you can take part in empowering discussions, receive tips and guidance to support you through your journey.

– Reinvention session where we will design a bespoke The Independent Mamas Life Plan which will map out your personal goals in all areas of your life and identify how you can leave your own legacy by giving back to others.

What’s next…..

When you complete a programme with The Independent Mamas you can continue to receive support through The Independent Mamas Lifetime package.


This is a subscription package where you pay a small fee monthly to access the exclusive The Independent Mamas Empowerment Facebook community, the weekly coaching calls and your personal goal tracker.