How can I help you, right now?

There are three main challenges that separated or divorced mothers tend to experience:

Low self-esteem

You feel overwhelmed and that you can’t cope with anything alone. You are living in the past wondering what went wrong and blaming yourself. Everything feels out of balance and your self-esteem has taken a nose-dive and bad habits have crept in affecting your wellbeing, nutrition and body image. 

Break down of family unit

You feel guilty and worry about how your children will cope. Successful co-parenting seems impossible. Your children are blaming you for the separation and acting out. You are so overwhelmed with coping day to day that you find it difficult to address your children’s emotional needs. 


You are worried that you are never going to be in another relationship. You are feeling unsure that you know what a healthy relationship is or if you can ever trust anyone else. You are afraid of dating again and meeting new people. Your friendship dynamics have changed now you are no longer in a couple and some of your friends have become distant. 

What’s the solution?

You need to re-evaluate what you want from life, take control and grab it with both hands. Stop surviving and start thriving by living your best life on your terms. 

The Independent Mamas Empowerment Programme is a 5 step growth process specifically designed to re-energise you and support you to rebuild your life after separation and divorce. 

During the programme you will discover what stress factors are holding you back the most and how to overcome them. You will learn coping strategies, how to build an Independent mindset, and how to rock co-parenting. Through this journey of rediscovery, who you are and what you want from life will become clearer enabling you to regain control of your life and boldly move forwards creating the future you desire. 

To drive you through this programme, I will help you set achievable and realistic goals enabling you to become a strong Independent Mama living your best life. 

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The Next Step

Are you motivated to live your best life as an Independent Mama?

Start by booking a consultation call with me, Sarah, Founder of The Independent Mamas.

During this consultation, you will find out more about The Independent Mamas Empowerment Programme and community and whether it is right for you. 

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This is a private community of courageous women who have gone through separation or divorce and are transforming their lives to build more prosperous futures for themselves and their children. It is a safe environment for members to share their thoughts, feelings, challenges and also how they overcame them and reinvented themselves. This is a positive community aimed at supporting each other to get through one of the most challenging life events and create a life on your own terms.

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Founder – Sarah

About Me

I separated from my husband after 8 years of marriage and two children. I found myself 39 years old with two young children on a part-time wage wondering how on earth I was going to cope emotionally, psychologically, practically and financially. The feeling of despair was overwhelming. I knew that I needed to summon up all my strength to move forward and rebuild my life for the sake of my boys and myself. I had no awareness of the different facets of my life that would be affected by divorce and I definitely underestimated the amount of soul searching and reinvention I would go through to achieve rebalance in my life. Whilst living the reality of my divorce, I realised I had lost passion for other areas of my life too and I needed to make a dramatic change to give my life more purpose and build a better future for my children. 

My career has always centred around helping and supporting families during difficult times including through traumatic experiences, however, I have always felt constrained by my role and not being able to provide a more holistic and bespoke approach to aid their recovery. 

Whilst going through my own divorce journey, I recognised that I struggled through a number of stages in my recovery and realised that I would have benefited hugely from a coach or mentor to guide me through.

Determined to support other mothers who are going through separation and divorce I achieved qualifications as an NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach and set up The Independent Mamas. I want women to realise their own strength and feel empowered to reinvent themselves and live their best life as independent mothers. The Independent Mamas is not just a coaching business but a community of strong women supporting each other, sharing how they have recovered and celebrating their achievements.